What is COPD?

COPD is respiratory condition that leads to long standing cough, difficulty in breathing especially when walking or sputum production.
Who is at risk of COPD?

COPD usually affects people over 40 years of age and the risk increases with age. People who have smoked in the past or are currently smoking cigarettes or who have worked at a job with any air pollution are at risk of COPD. Cooking with firewood, charcoal and saw dust also increases risk.

How is COPD diagnosed?

People who have symptoms of prolonged cough or sputum production or breathlessness on any activity are suspected to have COPD. Lung function test is required to confirm the diagnosis of COPD.

Is COPD cured?

There is no cure for COPD but there are treatment options that can significantly improve all the symptoms and slow the decline in lung function which is a big problem in COPD.

At The Chest Clinic we diagnose COPD promptly and treat patients effectively to achieve improvement in symptoms and quality of life. COPD patients usually benefit from our pulmonary rehabilitation program also.