What are lung function tests?

These are tests that monitor how the lungs are performing. There are many lung function tests that can be done which include Spirometry, gas diffusion (exchange) capacity of the lungs and lung volumes. Exercise tests and 6 minute walk tests may also be included.

Who should get a lung function tests?

Everyone should have a baseline lung function test done when in good health as an adult. This is important so as to have a baseline that can be used to identify changes early when they occur. But most importantly, any one with respiratory symptoms such as cough, difficulty in breathing, chest tightness or pain, reduced exercise tolerance or generally ill should have their lung function assessed. People with other known illnesses that may affect the lungs should also get their lung function test done. Sports men and anyone involved in any occupation with the risk of air pollution needs a lung function test before commencing the activity and at least

once yearly to monitor lung function over time. The lung function test is an important part of the puzzle in the assessment of many disease conditions.

At The Chest clinic, we operate a state of the art complete pulmonary function lab where quality control and standardized protocols are assured. Our laboratory is operated by well trained and certified personnel that ensure accuracy of our results always. We perform all aspects of pulmonary function testing including pre/post spirometry, diffusing capacity, lung volumes, challenge tests, electrocardiogram and exercise tests.