What is pulmonary rehabilitation?

This is a program of supervised exercise, psychological and nutritional support that is given to people who are breathless or have breathing problems from any cause. The program helps to improve breathing, mood and general wellbeing.

Who needs pulmonary rehabilitation?

People who have respiratory illnesses that affect their breathing will benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation. It can improve a person’s ability to function and quality of life. Even people with advanced lung disease can still benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation.

At The Chest clinic, we provide work with a team of pulmonologists, physiotherapists and psychologists to design individualized pulmonary rehabilitation programs that suit every patient. It is usually conducted at our facility about twice a week but can be arranged to be conducted at home if the facilities are available. We teach patients life skills that lead to a change in behaviour with benefits that persist beyond the duration of the program. We also provide ambulatory oxygen concentrators for patients who require long term oxygen therapy as part of their treatment.